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Funk helps Chinese investors to protect their capital when making outbound investments. Whether you are planning M&A transactions, greenfield investments or infrastructure projects – we offer comprehensive insurance and risk management and guide our clients to safe investments in Germany, the EU and worldwide. With over 140 years of experience and a dedicated team of China experts, Funk is supporting leading Chinese enterprises with their globalization endeavors. Wherever you want to invest – we can make it safe.


What makes us stand out as a service provider is our close relationship with our clients. We see ourselves as a long-term partner and risk coach who secures the individual values of your company. Our strong partnership with our clients focuses on finding a holistic service approach based on a synergy of solutions from the three areas of insurance management, risk management and employee benefits. More than 1,320 Funk experts worldwide use their skills and expertise to analyze your risks and find individual and flexible solutions to protect your values.

Insurance + risk management

Funk devises and implements holistic risk and insurance solutions for companies across all industries, sectors and countries. In doing so, our experts do not only secure your individual assets but also create genuine added value for your company.

Employee health + benefits

Employee benefits concepts are a sustainable component of a good corporate policy. Funk provides comprehensive, transparent advice with a view towards the long-term advantages for your company and your employees.

International services

Providing global support to our clients has been one of Funk’s core qualifications for more than 40 years. We combine the advantages of an international broker and risk consultant with the mobility of our global network, the Funk Alliance.


For more than 140 years, we have helped companies to manage their specific risks. Today, we do not only rely on our experience gained over the course of five generations but also on our firmly rooted expert knowledge in almost all industries and economic sectors. Our experts know what’s important for your industry – and they also want to know about your individual objectives and expectations for your company. We provide international, personal support and are always looking for innovative solutions that protect your values while allowing your company to grow sustainably.


The automotive industry is characterized by international supply chains and strong interdependencies as well as a high degree of innovation and technical development. This leads to a range of specific risks and challenges.

Machinery construction

Machinery construction is the core of the investment goods industry, focusing on individual units or small-scale series. Targeted risk and insurance management needs to take these factors of the industry into account.

Private equity funds

A key success factor for Private Equity Funds is to unlock operational improvements in the investment portfolio. With their experience and market knowledge, Funk’s experts know how to protect your investments.

Our Clients


When we think about risk, we consider it holistically – because instead of zeroing in on specific risks, companies should analyze their risk situation comprehensively. In addition to traditional risks, trends like the digitization or globalization increasingly affect a company’s risk situation. Whether you want to protect your company against transport, liability and property damage or cyber attacks and business interruptions: Funk is your professional partner for all kinds of business risks.

Risks in M&A processes

The M&A market is booming: in a constantly changing market environment, transactions are the key to the success and future viability of companies. But their risks should not be underestimated.

Property damage and BI risks

While property insurance is a basic protection every company should have, the risk of business interruption is increasing steadily as well – especially for globally connected players.

Liability risks

The potential liability of companies varies depending on the industry or clientele. Nevertheless, all companies have one thing in common: even small mistakes can lead to severe losses.

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