Funk helps Chinese investors to protect their capital when making outbound investments. Whether you are planning M&A transactions, greenfield investments or infrastructure projects – we offer comprehensive insurance and risk management and guide our clients to safe investments in Germany, the EU and worldwide. With over 140 years of experience and a dedicated team of China experts, Funk is supporting leading Chinese enterprises with their globalization endeavors. On this page, we would like to introduce ourselves as your professional partner on the way to a secure future.

Our strategy

In times of rapid market development and changing risks and opportunities, Funk employs its expertise to advise companies and entrepreneurs on protecting their investment capital. During this process, we are working with our clients in a close partnership, enabling them to take qualified decisions about their individual insurance and risk management.

Our roots are in Germany and Europe, but through our offices abroad and our own international network, the Funk Alliance, we can offer our clients worldwide, comprehensive risk management services and consulting right where they need us. By combining the tradition of a family-run company with new, modern solutions, we can truly say: wherever you want to invest – we can make it safe.

Our values

Four principles have guided Funk through its more than 140 years of existence:

  1. We are flexible: Our flexibility is shaped around the individual needs and requests of our diverse clients from various industries and countries all over the world. If the client or market situation calls for it, we take new paths and offer innovative solutions.
  2. We are efficient: We act fast, make clear statements and provide our clients with strong, needs-based solutions.
  3. We are personal: Our experts place great value on interacting in person and giving their clients their personal recommendation.
  4. We are responsible: We are well aware of the trust our clients place in our work and its quality. That’s why we employ well thought-out solutions with sustainable, long-term benefits instead of short-term courses of action.
  5. We are independent: As an independent broker and consultancy firm, we focus our attention solely on the interests of our clients and offer them transparency. Our independence is the basis of our integrity, autonomy and objectivity.
  6. We are reliable: We make binding statements our clients can fully rely on and are consistent in our relationships with clients, partners and employees.

Our innovative force

Constant technical, political and economical developments are creating new challenges for companies – as well as constantly evolving risk scenarios. As the ability and willingness to continually evolve is an essential foundation for success, Funk set itself the target of being an innovation driver in its market environment. Our objective is to create innovations that offer companies an immediate added value.

To meet that aim, we are constantly developing innovative solutions for new risks, for example digital tools or our service Funk Beyond Insurance. The latter combines modern technologies, such as sensors or artificial intelligence, with insurance and risk management to optimize processes and reduce costs as well as losses. Our holistic innovation management does not only lead our clients through the years to come, but is also prize-winning: In 2019 and 2020, we were honored with two German innovation awards.

Our family-run company 

Managing Partners, members of the Management Board and shareholders working together as a team: Funk is a family-run company in its fifth generation. Founded in 1879 by Theodor Funk as a general agency in Berlin, our company has developed into a global system house of risk solutions with 15 offices in Germany plus 20 additional offices in Europe and worldwide. While Theodor Funk and his sons started off with marine cargo insurance, Funk is now a competent partner for almost all industries and founded special broker firms in the fields of healthcare and real estate as well as consultancy firms focusing on risk management and employee benefits.

The majority of Funk’s shares are held by members of the Funk family, but we traditionally also follow the principle of inviting other entrepreneurial-minded individuals to join the Management Board. In an effort to maintain Funk as a family-run company and continue to develop it along these lines, the management and shareholders rely on the consistency of our values and a strong corporate culture. We make our decisions with a view to continuity and the long-term strategies resulting from this, and we take responsibility for our employees and our clients.

Our corporate social responsibility

Since 1879, Funk has strived to protect companies’ values for the future. Alongside these individual values, there is one value of shared importance among all of us: nature conservation. We must protect the natural world for the sake of our children and grandchildren. That’s why in 2019 and 2020, Funk has planted 192,800 mangroves in Myanmar. Mangroves are especially effective at breaking down greenhouse gases and converting them into oxygen, as they not only clean the air, but also filter the sea. The new Funk plantations measure 84 hectares and are part of a reforestation project. This does not only make a valuable contribution towards climate protection, but also reduces the risk posed by natural disasters and creates jobs as well as security for the local population.

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