Funk: supporting Chinese investors since more than 20 years

Strong market expertise, a comprehensive global network and Chinese native speakers in the offices in Germany and China: It’s the combination of these three factors that makes Funk a strong and reliable partner for Chinese investors.

In the 1990s, Funk began advising Chinese investors and supporting their operations in Germany with comprehensive risk management services and insurance brokerage solutions. Funk quickly became the market leader with its unique medical and social insurance program, tailored to Chinese companies in Germany for the insurance of their employees. With the rapid development of China’s economy, more and more Chinese companies are expanding their business activities and investments in various industries in Germany, the EU and around the world. Funk values the close partnership with Chinese clients and has continuously expanded its services to meet the requirements of Chinese investors.

One team, providing local and international services

Today, the Funk China Division is a dedicated team of experts that focuses exclusively on serving Chinese companies that do business outside their home country. The overall risk management and insurance brokerage service for outbound investments of Chinese investors are coordinated out of the Funk headquarters in Germany. At the same time, Funk Risk Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (‘FRCC’)* has been established in China as a local contact point for parent companies of Chinese investors. Furthermore, Funk is proud of its strong network of branches and partners in Germany, the EU and around the world. Through this international network, we can support our Chinese clients with the professional advise and solutions that helps them to anticipate emerging risks in order to protect their investment capital and business success abroad.

*FRCC is not a licensed insurance broker in China PRC.

Our Clients

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